deep in love

I’m in so deep, I can’t even measure it. It is all around me at once, as if I’ve been plunged into the deepest part of the ocean, but haven’t made it to the bottom. No end in sense nor sight.

Yesterday, I decided, with some inspiration, that I would begin a fast. Today is the first day. This fast will last ten days, in which my only means of nourishment will be water, and perhaps some herbal teas sweetened with all natural locally grown honey. Anyhow, it’s amazing the reactions people have when one announces such a thing.

The most common reaction thus for is why? And while I don’t necessarily feel like I owe anyone an explanation, I am not without one. But ultimately it is a personal decision. In short, this in essence a fresh start. The start of my new life, as a multidimensional being.
I know all the things that we are capable of, and I plan to maximize my potential. During my fast, and after, I will practice meditation and yoga, and gain nourishment from my own body among other sources. I also plan to incorporate fasting into my lifestyle. My goal is to become a more healthy person in action and thought.

I have no doubt that the universe has placed me exactly where I need to be, and will get me exactly where I’m going. I am on my path to divinity. I hope that you will join me on yours.


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