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so I told myself I would write at least three blogs a week. I don’t even recall if I’ve written one yet, so here goes.

On July 1st, texting and driving became illegal in the state of Georgia. And while I agree it’s unsafe to drive while texting, I feel that our state congress has passed this law in vain. The purpose to outlaw texting and driving is to ensure safer travels, or I should hope. I suppose the law could have been passed to generate large revenues for the state, but I am going to try to look on the brighter side; our law makers are concerned about public safety. Thanks state congress, but I beg, why aren’t ordinary citizens equally as concerned. Yes, I still text and drive, and I almost dare a cop to pull me over.

Since it became illegal to text and drive, I’ve witnessed people: reading magazines, novels, writing what I could only presume to be short stories or love notes, manicuring their nails, their faces. Eating meals that require forks and knives, the list goes on.

Quite literally I am shocked. And I’ll be even more shocked when an officer pulls me over for attempting to place a call which can easily be confused with, you guessed it, TEXTING. dun dun dun. The streets aren’t safe!

Did I mention that I just got one of those red-light camera tickets in the mail yesterday?


the return of Saturn

with him, he brings so many changes. ch—ch–changes. with those rolling tides, the stars have encouraged me to arrange some short and long-term goals.

Setting goals is not something I think I’ve ever done, purposefully, or thoughtfully in list form. It’s one thing to say you want something, and another to set up a timeline for yourself. It happens that at least most of the time in my life, things just happen. For example, when I was 19 and working a boring retail job, I decided that I wanted a boring office job. Something that didn’t demand almost all of my free time. I then decided I would quit my boring retail job and try to find said office job. Two to three weeks later, hello CFG. And it’s been four years to the month. What a wild ride! Now it’s on to new horizons.

A PATH OF INCREASING ONENESS.  Of that I am determined. I am so fortunate to be where I am, and to have been where I’ve been. Not to mention to be going where I’m going.

all is full of love. hold on, and stay up.

wake up

something filled my heart up…
someone told me not to cry.

with my lightning bolts a glowin’
I guess we’ll just have to adjust