so I told myself I would write at least three blogs a week. I don’t even recall if I’ve written one yet, so here goes.

On July 1st, texting and driving became illegal in the state of Georgia. And while I agree it’s unsafe to drive while texting, I feel that our state congress has passed this law in vain. The purpose to outlaw texting and driving is to ensure safer travels, or I should hope. I suppose the law could have been passed to generate large revenues for the state, but I am going to try to look on the brighter side; our law makers are concerned about public safety. Thanks state congress, but I beg, why aren’t ordinary citizens equally as concerned. Yes, I still text and drive, and I almost dare a cop to pull me over.

Since it became illegal to text and drive, I’ve witnessed people: reading magazines, novels, writing what I could only presume to be short stories or love notes, manicuring their nails, their faces. Eating meals that require forks and knives, the list goes on.

Quite literally I am shocked. And I’ll be even more shocked when an officer pulls me over for attempting to place a call which can easily be confused with, you guessed it, TEXTING. dun dun dun. The streets aren’t safe!

Did I mention that I just got one of those red-light camera tickets in the mail yesterday?


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