With this fortune cookie, I ordered shrimp lo mein. There were no shrimp. I am beginning to see the bigger picture here. As I’m reminded about the hundreds of thousands of animals, who mysteriously died over the first week of the year.  So far “experts” say that fireworks caused the death of hundreds of thousands of birds, in a few southern states and Norway, and I’m not sure the verdict on the mass fish and crab deaths. for whatever reason, over the past few days, the energy of the new year and resolutions, I found myself contemplating complete vegetarianism. And this shrimpless shrimp lo-mein serves only as a sign. Until now, I hadn’t considered the consumption of meat or seafood as a threat to life itself, although our industry practices have always been.

I think getting this particular fortune is amusing. I am very into metaphysics, and it’s responsible in part for me deciding to become pescatarian, now vegetarian. Without going into too many details, I can say, this is it. I absolutely get it. As we approach 2012…things are definitely changing. One theory I’ve come across relates to the earth’s vibration. Basically, as earth vibrates higher, certain behaviors,diseases,plants,and animals will cease.  One particular sign of this time would be more and more people opting for vegetarian and vegan options, as consuming meat produces a low vibration. In fact, eating and digesting food in general is a slow process, and the theory suggests that people will start to juice fruits and vegetables.

The other day I said to a friend that 2011 is my last year eating. She seemed confused and unconvinced, but now more than ever I am convinced, it is going to be necessary. If not just for vibrational reasons, but the fact that many species might become unsafe to eat, in addition to food not being readily available.

Who knows what the future holds, but I’ll continue to study metaphysics, and appreciate the omens and life.



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