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Today this song takes on new meaning. This is probably because I did a bit of research and can identify the true meaning of the song. Before now I always interpreted the song as inspirational and uplifting. When it would be shuffled into my now playing during my walks to the train station, I couldn’t help but feel on top of the world, and motivated. One doesn’t need to understand the words for that.

While searching for the lyrics to this song, many websites refer to the song as merely instrumental (for what I’m sure are a number of reasons that reach the depth of existence), and it is so much more than that.  There are people singing, there is no question about that.  This is what I’ve gathered:

The singers are singing in Zulu/Ndebele, a South African language.

The word or phrase Likufanele means “it suits you.”

A portion of the lyrics say “lizwana…likufanele,” which means “it suits you, it suits us.” This can be interpreted to mean so many things.  The post where I took this information from says,

“communicate nicely with one another and understand what each person is saying because we are the same and it’s more suitable for us.”

“shows just how important language is. We may say or hear different things but in essence they are the same, no matter the language. Which is why music is so beautiful and our greatest gift.”

I cannot even begin to describe how relevant this is to my life at this time. There are probably no other words need be said really, except that I will forever strive to live by these powerful words.